Aluminum passivation creates a conversion chemical layer on the surface that serves to increase corrosion resistance and stabilize the electrical surface resistance.

We offer 2 types of passivation:

1. Chromium-free titanium-based aluminum passivation with Bonderite N2040, which complies with BMW Process Specification 97022 for conversion layers on Al. It is mainly used to achieve surface resistance stabilization and to improve the long-term adhesion of adhesivly bonded joints.

2. SURTEC 650 passivation, classified as TCP, i.e. containing no hexavalent chromium. It is used as a corrosion protection for Al boards that need to be electrically conductive with use in the electrochemical industry, as pretreatment for spot welding of Al sheets, or alternatively as a base for aluminium wet or powder painting, where it provides increased adhesion and corrosion protection and meets the requirements of QUALICOAT and GSB .

Technical specification for SURTEC 650

Corosion resistance ISO 9227 336 hours NSS
Surface resistance < 0.8 mΩ/cm2
Low resistance layer weight 50-200 mg/m2
Layer for corrosion protection weight 250 – 500 mg/m2
Standards MIL-DTL-5541
STN EN 12487