Chemical nickel plating is an electroless process in which a low-phosphorus nickel coating is formed on the steel surface. The coating is characterized by high hardness and wear resistance and even edge and through-hole coverage.
The basic metallised material is steel.
Maximum product dimensions: 1450 x 1000 x 500 mm
Maximum part weight: 650 kg

Before this surface-treatment is important, that parts are very good prepared refering to instruction of incoming conditions for visual aperance and cleanliness. You can download the instruction here.

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Technical specification

Phosphorus content in Ni layer 5 – 7%
Layer thickness 5 – 80 µm
Hardness after plating 600 – 700 HK100
Hardness after heat treatment 850 – 1000 HK100
Corrosion resistance >96 hod 25 µm NSS test ASTM B117
Wear resistance after plating 14-18 TWI
Wear resistance after head treatment 8-12 TWI
Standards ISO 4527
AMS 26074 (MIL-C-26074)
AMS 2405
ASTM B-733

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