Penetrated PTFE

The anodized layer is penetrated by PTFE dispersion. Such a layer improves the sliding properties of the surface while maintaining component dimensions. The material has an optimum combination of properties - good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, hardness, low friction coefficient and non-stick surface.

Thermoset PTFE

It is a composite coating where the base is a hard anodized layer on which a thermoset PTFE coating is applied. The coatings can be of several types and provide either sliding properties of the surface or its non-stick properties. Some types of coatings have food contact approval.

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Technical details

  Penetrated PTFE
Thermoset PTFE
Layer thickness hard anodizing 20 - 80 µm 
PTFE layer to 5 µm
hard anodizing 20 - 80 µm
PTFE layer 20 - 60 µm
Color According to alloy type like in hard anodizing According to coating type - black or green
Specifications by standard Mil-A-63576A(AR) Type I  
SAE AMS2482 Type 1
Mil-A-63576A(AR) Type III